The natural balance of your skin is the state in which it regenerates and heals. Therefore, we use our skin measurements to determine exactly what your skin currently needs in order to be back in this natural balance of regeneration & healing.


We examine your skin & our measuring system tells us exactly what it needs at the moment.


Based on the measurement we calculate your formulation: the individual composition of ingredients for your cream.


We produce your face/body care ourselves; this way we can avoid unnecessary harmful substances and preservatives.


With our skin analysis you can find out quickly and easily which AGLAIA beauty products are suitable for your skin type.


A skin measurement by Dr. Dogliotti, who analyses the individual condition of the skin, provides important information for a tailor-made care concept adapted to the special needs of the skin.


To determine this, a skin analysis is carried out to determine the moisture and lipid content (lipids = lipids) of the facial skin. In addition, elasticity, wrinkle formation, pore size, skin evenness, vasodilatation and pigmentation are checked.

At the end of this process you will receive an accurate assessment of your skin. We will explain to you in detail what your skin type is and what individual requirements this entails. After the measurements have been taken, the cream best suited for your skin will be produced.


What is Included:

. Personalized and costomized book with suggestions, tips and the results of skin analyses.

. a personalized cosmetic/cream

. •  allergy skin test

•  peeling mask

•  Skin repair serum

 • LED light therapy

•  Hyaluronic Acid Serum Face massage


Pampering time: ca. 60 min for 100 €


•  Treatments are individually tailored to your wishes and the problem areas to be treated (stretch marks, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, etc.). Please contact me.