The latest trend in  cosmetics is the so-called "cold plasma".  In principle, this is nothing other than the high-frequency method, as it was already used 100 years ago.

Now medicine has discovered it for itself and recognized the effect of the small healing flashes.

This "vintage"  method has also found its way into cosmetic studios for  improve eyelid lift and wrinkle or used for scar  and  hyperpigmentation treatment.

Treatment Include:

•  Allergy skin test

• Face cleaning and pores opening

• Hyaluronic Acid or Sebo-Control Treatment

•High Frequency massage

• Face cooling Mask 

• Face Massage with Hyaluronic Acid or Sebo-Control serum  

Beneits of High Frequency 

The safe, gentle oscillating and oxygenating power of high-frequency electrical currents has been shown to :


• enhance blood circulation

• increase collagen and elastin production

• eliminate toxins and acne-causing bacteria

• encourage lymphatic drainage

• improve skin care product absorption

 • tighten pores

PRE and POST Treatment

Post Treatment:

•Apply sunscreen

•Avoid applying cosmetics  for  a day 

•Don’t pick on your skin 

•Don’t have any other facial treatments 

•Avoid saunas and heat treatments 

•Avoid extreme weather conditions 

•Avoid using AHAs and BHAs 


Not use in case of :

•Headaches, migraines – due to the loud buzzing noise from the machine


•An excessive number of dental fillings/braces – due to the strong and unpleasant metallic taste inside the mouth

•Metal pins and plates


•Jewellery – all metal jewellery should be removed prior to the treatment due to the circulation of an electrical current.


•  Basic High frequency facial treatment.

Cleansing, peeling, active ingredient ampoule, day care.

Pampering time: ca. 50 min for 45 €


•  High frequency face as a subscription of 10 = 10 treatments for 320 €


• High frequency surcharge for a facial treatment now only 25 € instead of 35 €


• High frequency body treatments are individually tailored to your wishes and the problem areas to be treated (stretch marks, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, etc.). Please contact me.