During this facial treatment you will be pampered exclusively with the great personalized products of the AGLAIA Beauty line by Dr. Dogliotti.


Treatment Include: 


 •cleansing, skin inspection, peeling, ultrasonic peeling

 •high-quality intensive care ampoule, anti-aging caviar mask

•special mask for the eye area

•Photodynamic therapy 

•Massage with personalized cream and final treatment


This unique method is a direct anti-aging treatment in which the skin's own regenerative powers are specifically stimulated and activated: the skin appears younger and firmer, wrinkles are significantly reduced, lymph flow and metabolism are stimulated. 


The Personalised Cream is rich in phytoretinol, hemp oil, vitamin E and plant ceramides.



•Base, pampering time: ca. 50 min for 50 €

•deep, pampering time: approx. 70 min for 60 €

•Deluxe, pampering time: ca. 90 min for 70 €