All cell processes would be unthinkable without oxygen.


Our skin cells in particular must be constantly supplied with oxygen. The loss of cellular oxygen is one of the aging processes.


With our AGLAIA Beauty Oxygen Treatment in combination with the special high-quality cosmetic product and High frequence facial you can slow down and stop this process.


Oxygen facials can reduce and eventually eliminate the bacteria in the skin that cause acne, and may also prevent it from developing in the future. High frequency stick instead has been shown to be an effective treatment for acne, enlarged pores and fine lines.

Treatment Include:

• cleaning the skin, removing makeup, dirt and impurities

• Oxygen Lift treatment

•HF Treatment

• Vitamin C, peptides and high doses of botanical enzyme serum

• tinted moisturiser to provide a bit of coverage and UVA and UVB protection

Our refresh-oxygen-HF treatment smoothes the skin, rejuvenates, vitality from inside and outside and even helps with impure skin. Our experience has shown that our treatment in combination with an ultrasound peeling and special mask achieves best results


•  Basic Oxygen facial treatment + HF treatment

Cleansing, peeling, Oxygen Treatment, HF,  active ingredient ampoule,  day care.

Pampering time: ca. 50 min for 50 €


•   Oxygen face as a subscription of 10 =  treatments for 400 €


•  Oxygen + HF surcharge for a facial treatment now only 25 € instead of 35 €


•  Oxygen body treatments are individually tailored to your wishes and the problem areas to be treated (stretch marks, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, etc.). Please contact me.