Hello Readers, how are you all?


I am really busy with the brand launch, there is a lot of marketing to do and bureaucracy work, but I am really happy that slowly all is taking form in front of my eyes…and yours.


Today I would like to speak about face skin cleaning and care.


A daily routine is really important for our face skin. We need to get rid of the smog it has “breathed”, the microorganism contamination that sits on it and that can lead to inflammation and yes, sure, to remove the make-up.


So, let start… the first step!




Prepare the skin for treatment

Clean it of all surface impurities, use the cleansing milk used for daily hygiene.


Open the pores

the steam dilates the pores. Put a little water to boil; then, towel on your head, expose your face to steam for at least 10 minutes. If you have steam machine the game is easier. (Read the Curiosity and Tips)


Eliminate black points and make a light scrub

At this point, you can proceed manually or with the “new generation machines”.

 in fact, the pores are well-dilated thanks to the action of the steam and will easily expel the impurities without forcing you to "squeeze" too much (please not do it! I made many times and the results were…. huge pimples and red marks for 3 days). It is important not to squeeze the pores directly with the tips of the fingers, but using a tissue or gauze wrapped on fingers, otherwise, you can risk infections.

Is time now to remove the dead cells that accumulate on the superficial layer of the epidermis. You can put a bit of sugar into a spoon of honey, to this add some drops of rosemary and tea tree essential oil for disinfecting and cool down the redness of the skin.


Close the pores and hydrating the skin

Now you have to close the pores with an astringent and for rebalancing the skin with a moisturizer.


how do you feel? better, right? a fresh shower for your skin.






To make the action of the steam more effective, you can add a bit of bicarbonate, a bag of chamomile or a few drops of essential oil to the water (I recommend tea tree oil, which purifies the skin).


As an alternative, on the market, there are also special patches for the T area (forehead-nose-chin). The patches can also be done at home: just lightly whisk an egg white and soak gauze or toilet paper. Then apply the gauze on the skin, making it adhere very well, and removing these do-it-yourself patches when dry.


So also today we arrived at the end. I hope that these already known (but better to refresh them) informations will become also for you a daily routine. 


Now I will prepare something to eat, yes... healthy food... because since I stopped to smoke I took a bit of weight :-O  and sure because a good diet is important for our skin. 


 Ciao Ciao 










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