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Hello everyone, within my website there is also this session, BLOG. here I will write in English, a language easier to understand for everyone,  ( my confort Zone :-D ), tricks, tips and some curiosity. If you are curious to know something more about a specific topic, you can write me an e-mail ( you find it in the contact section)  and i will add it, or as a "special" or will be one of the next topic i will work on.


Normally, I will discuss a topic, which will be presented through a painting or a photograph.

Being a professional in the scientific field, the topic will have a  really brief  "biological/scientific" introduction.

It will contain, then, quick tips, some grandma's trick and review of topics already covered or of interest.

To speed up the drafting of the blog, I take advantage of photographs taken of from the web , which you will find the references at the end of the page or under the photograph.


and now  I just have to give you the welcome and good reading :-D




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